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Interview with Markus Braun, Head of IT , celebrates 10th anniversary at DESMA:

How did you come across DESMA?

Markus Braun: "At a very early age, I was interested in everything revolving around computers so that it was always evident for me to make the hobby a profession.

Many internships provided insights into very different IT worlds – from the typical 'hardware forge' to software enterprises.

While ambling through the Education Fair in Tuttlingen in 2008, I became aware of DESMA in Fridingen and actively informed myself about the company and the IT job profiles there.

I was fascinated by getting to know the information technology at a mechanical engineering company and applied for an internship at DESMA. As a response to this application, I was made aware of a recently advertised apprenticeship position for business informatics. I spontaneously decided to prefer this training at DESMA to studies actually aimed at."

What has been the most impressive experience so far? 

Markus Braun: "Apart from many successful projects I have been able to implement so far, I especially remember other interpersonal experiences, such as the trust placed in me when being entrusted with an executive position, the moments I learnt a lot within a very interesting training program, many precious pieces of advice from experienced DESMA employees on the development of a DESMA junior executive, the strong support I received during my studies, and particularly getting to know the people in the enterprise who have made DESMA so unique and interesting for me.

There is one special event which I like to recall. In 2015, DESMA celebrated the big 50-year anniversary. It was impressive to see how much pride and enthusiasm we took to prepare the celebration jointly, how we celebrated it and how the DNA of DESMA was presented."

What makes DESMA special for you?

Markus Braun: "To me DESMA is a modern and flexible company looking incessantly at the latest innovations and constructive changes – not only in terms of the product, but also in process management and organization.

This involves for my responsibility a daily challenge which preserves the thrill not to lose the pleasure in working thanks to having the chance to actively shape the process of change. 

Those 10 years at DESMA also showed me that it has been the tireless dedication and the high flexibility of the DESMA employees which have made this corporate culture possible at all -  because the human aspect has not been forgotten!"

How did you experience the development of the company?

Markus Braun: "My vocational training started 2008, the time of crisis of the entire global capital market and apparently I had caught the worst time for a start  - that was at least my thinking.  However, it was rather interesting to see and to actively take part in freeing us from the then heavily depressive market situation enabled by DESMA's continuous strong focus on innovation & growth. Since then, we have witnessed a very positive market development from which DESMA has emerged stronger than ever before and has continued to expand its claim as the market and technology leader in the niche market of elastomer injection moulding machines especially by launching at an early stage many digital software products as technical innovation boosters of the digital age."

What do you regard as the most important challenges for the future? 

Markus Braun: "With the worldwide introduction of the SAP S/4HANA ERP system, DESMA is facing the major IT project in the company's history which I will actively attend.  I am looking forward to this big challenge and to a continued interesting, exciting and instructive time at DESMA."