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26. авг. 2020


Scott Early, General Manager of DESMA USA, recently welcomed Marco Shafer, Regional Sales Manager of DESMA Schuhmaschinen, to visit the American plant.
DESMA Elastomertechnik and DESMA Schuhmaschinen have a common history! Did you know that DESMA stands for DEutsche SchuhMAschinen?
The company sisters shared a common history until 1965. After the reorganisation of the Klöckner Group DESMA founded two independent companies in 1993, consisting of both companies - DESMA Schuhmaschinen based in Achim and KLÖCKNER DESMA Elastomertechnik based in Fridingen.

14. авг. 2020


The enhanced servo-driven brush modules called ServoBrush are equipped with a powerful external electric drive and have a horizontal axis for freely selectable position adjustment. This allows the wear of the brushes to be easily compensated by automatic infeed. In addition, a spraying device is integrated, which guarantees an optimally reproducible spraying pattern due to the servo-driven brush modules. The brush body can be changed within a very short time with the mould remaining installed and requiring only few tools. The scanner query integrated in the brush head checks for safe article demoulding and thus guarantees an error-free automatic cycle.

12. авг. 2020


These are created by the digital tools of the SmartConnect 4.U product family, automation and process expertise, a comprehensive service offer and the DESMA ecosystem for the integration of business processes, the SmartConnect 4.U platform solution. Learn more about the Ecosystem and register here

10. авг. 2020


With the E-Drive cold runner system with additionally integrated PressureSense in each cavity, the actual changeover pressure of each nozzle and thus also the process cycle can be documented as well.

03. авг. 2020

Customer survey K2019

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