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15. мар. 2014

Выставка "Шины, РТИ, каучуки 2014" 22-24 апреля

Посетите наш стенд на крупнейшей выставке, посвященной обработке эластомеров, на которой будут представители технических служб, проектного отдела, отдела продаж. На нашем стенде вы можете получить полную информацию по оборудованию, на месте получить консультацию по технологии производства и даже предварительное проектирование пресс-формы и способа производства. Наш стенд 1Е60 в Экспоцентре на Красной Пресне. Выставка будет проходить с 22 по 24 апреля 2014 года.

21. фев. 2014

15-16 октября 2014-Домашняя выставка DESMA OPEN HOUSE

Дорогие бизнес-партнеры, клиенты и просто друзья!

Приглашаем Вас посетить нашу домашнюю выставку DESMA OPEN HOUSE 2014, которая пройдет 15 и 16 октября во Фридингене, Германия на нашем головном предприятии

Мы были очень рады видеть вас на наших стендах на выставках Chinaplas в Шанхае и Rubber Technology Expo в Бангкоке. Также огромное спасибо всем тем, кто посетил нас на выставке Интерпластика 2014 в Москве.

'Наш стенд на Chinaplas в Шанхае'

'Rubber Technology Expo в Бангкоке'

Optimizing processes
reasonably, making them more reliable as well as increasing machine efficiency. We therefore added our optimizing tool PropterLight to our product portfolio.

We passionately carry on struggling against material waste and reject: with our ZeroWaste ITM technology, you achieve the maximum of material utilization in the production of precision articles made of rubber and silicone.

No matter where and when: recruiting and retaining good employees to the company concerns all of us. Like it holds true for DESMA in China. In this context please read the article „Money is not everything that counts – strategies for employee retention in China“.

So far, many thanks for your kind attention and enjoy reading!
The team DESMA

21. фев. 2014

[RU] Interplastica 2014: Quality before Quantity

[RU] This is the headline to describe the Interplastica 2014 which took place in Moscow from 28-31 January 2014 best.

Over the recent years, the Russian market has continued to grow for DESMA, and by now we can refer to many regular customers. Here the local service, the well-established sales structure, high delivery quality combined with excellent customer advice proved to be successful. Thanks to the DESMA-owned mould shop, we provided a lot of turnkey projects but also constructive support when moulds are purchased locally. This expert competence has also been able to gain momentum even against considerably lower-priced competitors.

For 2014 we feel very optimistic about orders to expect, and the orders received during this new year already show that our optimism is justified. The current exchange rate will for sure have an impact on one or the other project within the decision period, but investments cannot be deferred in the medium term. Economy (automobile and raw materials) is growing and the demand for local production is on the increase as well. Thus a strong focus is currently set on strategic projects in order to be well prepared in the long run.

This trend was equally mirrored in the visitor pattern at the DESMA booth. It could be clearly identified that globally operating groups for automobile and raw materials are increasingly engaged in Russia, or buy into companies. This means that the level of expectations transformed into a definite strategy for growth in recent years. Due to the high quality requirements of the Western orientated auto industry, "wheat is increasingly separated from the chaff" among the subcontractors.

Therefore the headline "quality before quantity" seems to fit better than ever.

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